of course!
-- Denna Montgomery, 5/21/14

Jan RawlinsThe mural belongs to Greg Kinney in Hillview
-- Jan Rawlins, 5/21/14

Jan RawlinsYou are next Denna Montgomery, if you still want it !
-- Jan Rawlins, 5/21/14

-- Mary Hawkins, 5/21/14

Looks great!
-- Denna Montgomery, 5/21/14

-- Dana Brenan True, 5/21/14

That's really pretty Jan.Hard to believe you did that in one day.
-- Marcella True, 5/21/14

That's cool!!
-- Denise Schott Roeller, 5/21/14

-- Tammy Johns Jaggers, 3/3/14

I just love your artwork!!!
-- Denise Schott Roeller, 3/3/14

Awesome talent!
-- Tony Sharpenstein, 3/3/14

Yes Han does sick work! Just amazing
-- Tony Whiteside, 3/3/14

Your work is awesome Jan!!!!!
-- Helen Harvey Wettle, 3/3/14

I have always loved your artwork from the first ones I saw in high school at the Bullitt County Fair
-- Kevan Baca Bullit Agee, 3/3/14

You are crazy-talented, Lady!
-- Jeffery Mercer, 3/3/14

Beautiful work Jan
-- Kristy Hammonds, 3/3/14

-- Dara Yadon Smith, 8/24/13

I hope u get the feelings off what u pit n your ART which is amazing to an individual who knows nothing about your ART. Don't ever stop what u do Jan .Your one of a kind Jan amen Babe
-- Roger Rawlins, 8/7/13

You are so talented Jan! You truly have a great gift.
-- Amanda Asay, 8/11/12

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